Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

The official foundation of PIRTEK Team Murray is the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. The Foundation was established in 2014 to carry on the legacy of famed ‘American Sniper’, Chris Kyle.

All too often, the support network of those serving their country – either on the military frontline or as first responders (Paramedics, Fire, Police and Government Agency Officers) can be overlooked or forgotten.

The pressures that come naturally with carrying out service can lead to a negative ripple effect among family units, which flows into the communities within which they serve, work and live.

The aim of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is to provide meaningful, interactive experiences to service members, first responders and their families, aimed at enriching their family relationships.

Chris Kyle – the author of New York Times Best Selling book – American Sniper – and his wife, Taya, knew all too well the issues encountered by military personnel and first responder families.

Prior to his untimely passing in February 2013, Chris had begun casting his vision for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to provide experiences for service and first responder families to work through many of the difficulties he and Taya had experienced post-deployment.

Taya and a dedicated team are ensuring Chris’ vision, desire and legacy to the country he served carries on now and into the future. The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is based on the four pillars of Loyalty, Empowerment, Integrity and Excellence