The CK Crew

The PIRTEK Team Murray entry in the Indianapolis 500 Tag Heuer Pit Stop Competition on Carb Day will be made up of an amazing group of military veterans and first responders. The concept is being backed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and has been put together in association with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.


You too can be involved as a partner of the team by making a donation to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Included in the package is the ultra-VIP experience for what promises to be one of the greatest days in world sports – including a 185mph 2-seat IndyCar thrill ride!

Click here to download the full information package.


David Rutherford

Florida based David Rutherford was a Navy SEAL who trained Chris Kyle and spent eight years in the Naval Special Forces. He is now a motivational speaker with many of the world’s biggest companies under the Team Froglogic banner. He’s also a podcaster and has published several books.

Sonny Saghera

Sonny Saghera is a Fire Captain from Heartland Fire & Rescue in La Mesa, California – just outside San Diego. He is a 17 year veteran First Responder and is well known in his local community through regularly facing media on behalf of his unit – the biggest in the area.

Walter Wasilewski

New York City’s Walter Wasilewski is NYPD’s most decorated person at officer level in the Department’s 171-year history. Walter worked in the City during its most dangerous period, making over 3000 arrests. He served in a security and protection role at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and now, post-service, now looks after many high profile Fortune 500 executives and celebrities – such as American Sniper star Sienna Miller – in private security.

Rita Reith

Rita is the only woman on the CK Crew and is well known and respected in the Indianapolis Community and at IMS. She is a Fire Battalion Captain at the Indianapolis Fire Department and serves as the Media Officer for IFD. She grew up in a military family.

Marc Presson

Marc Presson is a retired Master Chief Navy SEAL with a 30 year military career. He is a long time friend of Chris Kyle. He served in the Battle of Fallujah (2004)  and the Battle of Ramadi (2006) with Kyle and has been deployed throughout the World with the US Military. He has done 11 deployments all up.

John Heider

John is a former Chicago, IL Policeman who now serves on the Chicago Fire Department. His Department Chief is a long time friend of Chris and Taya Kyle and recommended John for the role.

Ross Meyer

Ross is not just one of Indianapolis’ own Fire Department Firefighters, he served in the military completing two tours of Iraq and one of Afghanistan. He is the youngest member of the CK Crew.